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Our mission statement is very clear and to the point, to provide the best quality service without compromise to Professionalism, customer satisfaction or quality control.

"We focus on developing lasting relationships with each of our individual clients… We are certain that we can offer the most professional and consistent services in the industry to our clients."

–Bob Carey

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Holiday/Christmas Lighting Service


Offering Exclusive Christmas Lighting… We supply everything!
We Design, Install, Maintain and Takedown your Holiday Decorations.


FREE Estimates & Consultations Contact us today for a prompt on-site estimate.

General Information: Our Holiday lighting service does a large volume of lighting jobs and in order to get them all done on time, and allowing for some rain delays, we start hanging lights on November 1st. If this is too early, you have the option of leaving the lights off until you are ready to show them off. Lights are removed after January 2nd thru the 14th customer keeps all holiday lighting supplies; lights, ext. cords, gutter clips, and timers.

Payment is due upon installation, less $100.00 which is to guarantee our return to remove all lighting. The $100.00 balance is due upon the removal of lights. Bookings are now thru December 19th, (appointments are first come first serve basis.)


Don’t Forget to Get Your Windows and Gutters Cleaned in Time for the Holiday Season!